Accessible co-creation.
Collaborate with results.

Successfully inspire, train and communicate
THINK360 focuses entirely on training your employee in his or her work. Or on your customers when they become familiar with your product or service. Simple, accessible, scalable and convincing. We love ‘Show. Don’t tell’ and measurable results.

For performance increase, safety awareness, sustainable employability programs, instruction, motivation, inspiration, demonstration and introduction.

For your organization,
with your organization

Our team will be happy to help you on your way. We will first introduce you to the possibilities. And we would like to know what your challenges and objectives are. The daily operation of your organization is always the basis for every training, coaching or virtual tour. Any required training or virtual tour will also be staged in your company. This method creates commitment within the organization and significantly increases the result. We look for the right balance between inspiring, training and/or communicating. In co-creation with your team.

Our three-step

  • Introduction and advice
  • Organization and production
  • Start project

We will present THINK360 during a no-obligation introduction and we will be happy to discuss the reasons or your goals with you. We will then provide an – also without obligation – advice plan, including a budget as a starting point.

After approval of the final approach, organization and production begins. For example, we coordinate the required scenarios, solutions and outcomes with you. Where necessary, we guide your team in preparation or during production. This way we can work with you to guarantee the correct implementation of the desired materials or coaching.

This is followed by the start of your approach. We support you in using the training, following coaching or using a virtual tour . Before and behind the scenes. We work with you to ensure that objectives are achieved. If desired, we can further support you with new sprints.