360 degrees thinking
and doing!

Our philosophy
Whether it concerns inspiring, training or communicating: we stand for a 360 degree approach. We believe in the power of technology, didactics, images and storytelling. We see that creativity works. Repeating works. Interaction works. And we know holdinh the attention is the most important challenge of our time.

THINK360 believes in a broad view, with an eye for details. Focused on your goals today and tomorrow. That is why we always look around us for new solutions, smarter implementations and surprising combinations of different disciplines. This is how we develop knowledge and allow it to grow. With ourselves and our clients. This is how we create new experiences and special memories. And this will make you dizzy sometimes. But that is 360 degree thinking and doing.

Look at the world with a 360 degree view.

For sharing knowledge and making acquaintances.


  • Hans van Breukelen – coach, concept partner, hans@think360.nl
  • André Batenburg – owner, andre@think360.nl
  • Wouter Brouwer – business development, wouterbrouwer@think360.nl
  • Lars Wildenberg – development, lars@think360.nl
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  • Wilbert – creative concepts & design, wilbert@think360.nl
  • Annelies – content creation & virtual reality, annelies@think360.nl