Inspire, train and communicate:
360° thinking & doing!

Innovation and know-how for employees and companies

Safety & quality through video training and interaction

Safety and quality are central to every organization. How will you optimally support employees with this? Training videos (in 2-D and 3-D/360 degrees) recorded in your own work situation and company are the answer. Your unique work process and working environment as tailor-made training videos. The videos are interactive and therefore challenging. And can also be brought together in an online Academy (LMS platform), including dashboarding and management reporting. The video training courses are often tax deductible as training costs for your company.

Interaction & realistic scenes
increase interest and learning experience

Which training courses are the most effective? Videos recorded at your own company about realistic situations. Because of recognition and acknowledment of the right processes, in the right location. Your knowledge and experience and ours together in the video production process deliver both 2-D videos and 3-D/360 degree videos. And we create a unique interactive knowledge and learning environment within it. Very challenging and fun to do for your employees. This increases learning effect and job satisfaction!

microlearning voor bedrijven

Sharing knowledge
or getting acquainted

How do you help a lead or prospect cross the threshold? Take them into the story of your organization. With a fascinating virtual experience or with a surprising online showroom. Accessible 24/7, remotely.

virtuele open dag


Managing a work culture or work attitude requires human contact and guidance


Learning skills and knowledge improves sustainable employability and increases operating results.


Present your organization remotely with a special online experience.

For, among other things, company training, instruction, further training and retraining, coaching, personal development, sustainable employability, onboarding, knowledge retention, SHEQ, performance improvement, lead and prospect information

Effect for employee
and organization

The world is changing. Is your organization changing along with it? Are your employees ready for the future? Inspire and motivate employees to develop themselves. The result: a learning organization, sustainable employability and increased efficiency.

Personal interaction as an eye-opener

Sometimes people just need a push in the right direction or a team just needs to be ‘switched on’. That starts with inspiration, compelling energy and also with tough questions at a high level. That motivates.

coaching voor werknemers