Guide around safely.
Communicate effectively.

Virtual Tours creates new possibilities
‘Remote and safe’ are the most used terms recently. Understandable. But how do you show prospects, relations or interested parties what is possible with you? How can they experience the dynamics of your organization? 360 degree Virtual Tours ensures that everyone can walk around and look around your location safely. At a distance. And you can experience this with the same atmosphere and interaction as during a normal visit.

Virtual Reality Experience

  • Visit any desired location as a 360° photo or video via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Can be fully enriched with additional experiences such as videos, interactions, registration options and more
  • From interactive, digital tour to complete Open Day or exercise simulation

The many possibilities
of Virtual Tours

The basis of a Virtual Tour is an interesting storyline at a (own) location. Additional elements can be added during recording. Consider, for example, colleagues who guide visitors during the Tour. The Tour can be enriched with videos, images, texts, interactions, links, etc. for maximum experience. The design of the Tour naturally fits in with an ongoing communication campaign or with your onboarding approach.

virtuele open dag

Easy to deploy and easy to use

  • Operating a Virtual Tour is intuitively accessible
  • The user can choose and direct his or her own experiences
  • A Virtual Tour can easily be updated and expanded

Want to discover what is possible?

online open dag

Suitable for: Open Days, guided tours, site visits, onboarding, SHEQ programs, training simulations, demonstrations, real estate portfolios, online showroom

Easily accessible innovative technology

A Virtual Tour can be widely used in communication. Naturally, within your own company or organization website. But also for use on exhibition stands, during presentations or within an intranet environment. The 360 degree Video Tour and Photo Tour can be viewed with all possible devices, from computer to smartphone, regardless of software. This means that a new production location can be visited from all over the world. Or new employees can start with an introduction to your company remotely.