Sharing knowledge and getting acquainted.
Efficient and effective.

Successfully inspire, train and communicate

THINK360 focuses entirely on training your employee in his or her work. Or on your customers when they become familiar with your product or service. Simple, accessible, scalable and convincing. We also love ‘Show. Don’t tell’ and measurable results.

For performance increase, safety awareness, sustainable employability programs, instruction, motivation, inspiration, demonstration and introduction.

Benefits of THINK360
for employees and users

For your employees
Accessible skills training , (360 degree) video, personal learning path, gamification, 24/7, snackable content, sustainable employability, Virtual Reality

For your prospects and customers
Getting to know services and services, at a safe distance, in 360 degrees, interactive, accessible anywhere/anytime

Opleiden van medewerkers via video

Benefits of THINK360
for management and organization

Team leader/floor managers
Easily assign training and administer exams, insight into team performance

Sales/marketing managers
Enrichment and deepening of customer journey, remotely, interactive, including conversion and contact options

Continuous learning program for personal development, safety training and sustainable employability, video based, blended learning, for all educational levels, own business situation and process, Learning Management System (LMS), integrated personal or team coaching, part of HRM strategy

Easily train on risk reduction and safety awareness, testing and monitoring, experience-oriented e-learning

General management/managing board
The basis for a learning organization. Reporting and management information at all job levels and locations, scalable HRM approach, microlearning, based on own processes, manageable, employee life cycle oriented, co-creation, ensuring continuous learning and personal development, coaching options