Learning Easier.
Working more efficiently.

Why video training?
Want a safe work culture, more efficient work process and reduction of sick leave? Innovative video training gives every learning process maximum effect. Videos help employees learn faster, easier and with fun. And personal development can be directly monitored and assessed.

uitlegvideo voor bedrijven

The power of video

  • Moving images are understood and remembered more quickly
  • Video can be viewed anywhere (anytime, anywhere, any device)
  • Video is effective for any level of education

360 degree training video
and Virtual Reality

An employee undergoes and experiences the training using Virtual Reality and 360 degree video. This way he or she can also see what is happening behind, next to or above him or her at the same time. Result: an impressive experience in which all senses are sharp. The memory is stimulated to the maximum. In this way, a dangerous situation can be experienced completely safely. Every situation can be enriched with detailed explanations for a maximum learning experience.

“Just watch a training during lunch”

Train smarter, maximum employability

By regularly training employees with knowledge and skills, employability increases. This can be aimed at sustainable employability or at new skills for required innovation at organizational level. By using short training videos (microlearning), the information is quickly absorbed. Small steps in development, combined with repetition and testing, ensure major progress . More powerful than a toolbox.

Maximale inzetbaarheid door relevante lesstof

The convenience of video for training or training
and instruction

  • Video is the ideal basis for microlearning and continuous learning
  • Microlearning videos ensure that concentration remains maximum
  • Video is easy to distribute, customize and enrich
  • Video can be viewed unlimitedly, 24/7
  • Knowledge from the organization can be easily made accessible
Onbeperkt en 24-7 toegankelijk

For skills training, further training and retraining, personal development, onboarding, sustainable employability, securing knowledge, performance improvement.

Learning Management System:
monitoring and organizing

By linking to the 360 Academy – Learning Management System (LMS), training courses can be easily assigned and monitored. Testing can be introduced and lesson programs are easy to adapt. Results and progress can be viewed at all levels. For example, at individual, function, department or branch level. Management of the learning process can thus be facilitated centrally. The advantage of e-learning.

Eenvoudig voortgang monitoren

Video Learning with

Employees can independently master their training without the guidance of a trainer.

The company training courses are created together with you in your organization. Tailored to all your wishes and objectives.

The power of video, 360 degrees and Virtual Reality makes you experience and experience a situation. Our memory processes visual information faster and remembers it more easily.

Quickly deployable
The production of a video training is accessible and fast. A training course can be available in as little as 3 days.

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